We want to see a world in which humans and wildlife coexist and thrive in healthy ecosystems.


Our Story


Since our founding in 1987, NRCC has built a community of problem solvers, each of whom is committed to a shared goal: conservation for the common good.

We began as a small team of researchers looking for ways to create smarter conservation alternatives and launch innovative projects.

Over the last 33 years, we’ve grown to a team of 60 researchers, conservation leaders, educators, and students. Our projects are diverse—yet our focus remains the same: empowering current and emerging leaders to implement practical, integrated, and inclusive conservation work.

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Our Approach


NRCC’s approach acknowledges that many “environmental problems” are in fact “people problems.” In order to address the mounting threats to biodiversity and natural systems, we need better decision-making tools to meet these ecological, social, and policy challenges.


NRCC promotes an interdisciplinary approach that includes social science skills and ecological expertise to improve management and policy decisions. NRCC supports these efforts, by providing a permanent institutional home and by serving as an incubator for projects that later take off on their own. Our lean organizational structure allows for low overhead and efficient project administration.


This work is long-term. Ultimately, we hope to inspire a new story for our fellow humans and the environment in which we live—one that includes responsibility and stewardship.


We are grateful to the agencies, foundations, and nonprofit partners who collaborate to make these projects happen. Thank you for your support!


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Our Programs


Research & Conservation Innovation

Supporting innovative researchers and fostering projects that address complex problems


Community-Based Conservation

Engaging stakeholders in meaningful dialogues that lead to consensus-based solutions


Education & Civic Engagement

Assessing the state of environmental education and providing programming which aligns with conservation needs


Leadership Development

Identifying key skills and knowledge that are currently underrepresented among conservation professionals and providing workshops, seminars, and publications around these topics


Our Geography


NRCC works wherever innovative conservation is needed, but with a special focus on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). We believe that the GYE represents one of our best chances to create a sustainable, long-term relationship with nature, other species, and one another.


Currently, we have projects located across 12 states and 14 countries.


NRCC’s main office is located in Jackson, WY.


R.J. Turner,
Photographer in Residence, is the co-manager of Mara Plains Camp, in the Masai Mara, in Kenya
Seth Wilson,
Research Associate, with colleagues in Italy, as part of the LIFE Lynx project
Gao Yufang,
Research Associate, studies human-carnivore coexistence in Tibet
Mimi Kessler,
Research Associate, with Mongolian colleagues for her research on the Great Bustards


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