At our core, NRCC is a cooperative of people who want a world where humans and landscapes thrive. We are researchers, educators, leaders, advisors, students and engaged citizens. Learn more about our backgrounds and the vital conservation work we are doing around the world.

Board of Directors

Avana Andrade

Board Member

Catherine Patrick

Board Member

Denise Casey

Emeritus Board Member

Lance Craighead

Vice President and Secretary

Paul Walberg


Peyton Curlee Griffin

President and Co-Treasurer

Richard L. Wallace

Board Member

Susan G. Clark

Emeritus Board Member

Board of Advisors
Dick Baldes • Franz J. Camenzind • Bernard J. McHugh • Len Carlman • Barrie K. Gilbert • Jim Halfpenny • Matthew Hall • Gary Kofinas • Beedee Ladd • Lindsey Larson • Sue Lurie • Thomas Mangelsen • Karla Pendexter • Bert Raynes • Jonathan Schechter • Sandy Shuptrine • Donald P. Streubel • Bruce S. Thompson • Stephen M. Unfried • John Wargo • Ron M. Westrum

Ben Williamson

Executive Director

Experts in Residence

Katie Christiansen


R.J. Turner


Richard L. Wallace


Todd Wilkinson


Research Associates
Project Partners
Interns & Visiting Researchers