Our Research Associates work across the world on a diverse array of conservation projects. The species and location may be different, but each of these projects seeks practical outcomes for people, wildlife, and landscapes.

Learn more about the projects below.

Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative Projects

Advancing Conservation of an Iconic Steppe Bird in Mongolia

Explore Central Asia with Mimi Kessler as she works to conserve the Great Bustard, the heaviest bird capable of flight.

Amphibian Monitoring in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Learn how Debra Patla and her team work to ensure that some of the GYE’s smallest denizens survive in a changing world.

Bald Eagle Population Monitoring

Discover what Michael Whitfield has learned after following dozens of Bald Eagle families for more than 30 years.

Carnivore Conservation in Northern Mexico

Learn how Carlos López González is advancing conservation of wolves, jaguar, puma, and bobcat in Mexico.


Dr. Mike Tercek has created ClimateAnalyzer.org, an NRCC – National Park Service collaboration, which simplifies obtaining and analyzing weather station data from National Parks.

Conserving Biodiversity in a Changing Climate: Understanding the Clark’s Nutcracker/Whitebark Pine Mutualism

Track Clark’s Nutcrackers, and their impacts on the declining Whitebark Pine, with Taza Schaming.

Conserving Grizzly Bears in Contested Landscapes

It’s not easy being a bear these days; see what Seth Wilson has done to help grizzlies thrive.

For Everything There Was A Season: Phenology Shifts in the Tetons

Follow in the footsteps of esteemed biologist Dr. Frank Craighead Jr. with Trevor Bloom and Corinna Riginos.

Improving Large Carnivore Conservation in Europe

Travel to Slovenia with Dr. Seth Wilson and help conserve lynx, brown bears, and wolves.

Northern Rockies Trumpeter Swan Stewards

Watch as one of North America’s most promising stewardship programs takes flight with Ruth Shea and Drew Reed.

Reducing Roadkill: a Focus on Mule Deer and Golden Eagles in Wyoming

Science Communication: Interpreting Park Service Monitoring Data for Managers and the Public

Tani Hubbard and Allyson Mathis help managers and the public make sense of data from 270 national parks.

The Mongolian Wolverine Project

Follow Rebecca Watters through the Mongolian wilderness as she seeks new ways to conserve sensitive species and landscapes.

The Mountain Livestock Cooperative

Join Timm Kaminski as he forges new connections between conservationists and traditional ranchers in the American West.

Wolverine Ecology and Conservation

Take a peek into the secretive world of wolverines with Jason Wilmot.