Tim Griffith

The Raynes Citizen Conservation Award was created in 2014 to honor two of Jackson’s finest citizen conservationists, Meg and Bert Raynes. This award is given to someone who carries on the legacy of Meg & Bert Raynes by encouraging and carrying out citizen science and conservation, and who makes a positive difference through the actions they take in their daily lives.

Since moving to Jackson Hole in the fall of 2015, Associate Director of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation, Kate Gersh, tells us “Tim Griffith wasted no time seeking out volunteer opportunities related to citizen science and wildlife, especially bird-related research. Immediately upon settling into his new home, Tim connected with the Teton Raptor Center, Grand Teton National Park, and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation, as well as many individuals.”

For Grand Teton National Park, Tim has volunteered to count Greater Sage-Grouse and to monitor weather stations, as well as co-leading its annual Migratory Bird Day. His volunteering for the Teton Raptor Center continues to involve its Great Gray Owl studies and has Tim monitoring nests and assessing bird sounds for several owl research projects. This year he will be compiling data for both the Bridger-Teton and Targhee National Forests fuel reduction programs. Tim has also been an invaluable volunteer for the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation’s Nature Mapping Jackson Hole (NMJH) program for whom he coordinates weekly Snake River nature mapping float trips and monitors Mountain Bluebird nest boxes for breeding data.

Tim’s MS in Wildlife Ecology and BS in Plant and Soil Science (both from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale), and 36 years working in ecological restoration of surface mines and consulting for agricultural seed industries, has given him a deep and broad skill set that he generously shares with many local and national citizen science initiatives. Tim has participated in citizen science data collection for the national Christmas Bird Count for 54 years and spring “Big Days” since their inception 35 years ago. He is one of the top three eBird recorders in Teton county. Tim is a natural educator, enjoying the delight of nature with all ages, particularly

kids. He was a part time birding guide at several nature preserves in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana and he and his wife owned a Wild Birds Unlimited store in Southern Indiana prior to moving to Jackson Hole.

Frances Clark and Bernard McHugh, past Raynes Citizen Conservation Award recipients, said “Tim shares many of the traits of Bert: He is a crack birder and enjoys both common and rare species. While Bert wrote books on where to find birds, Tim adds information to eBird for all to see. Like Bert did back in the day, Tim hosts visitors by being a “Birding Pal” through a national program that connects visiting and local birders. Tim has a deep sense of humor and warmth and truly enjoys engaging in conversations about nature with folks of all ages and walks of life. Conservation is at the heart of all he does. He carries the spirit of Bert into the future.”

Photo credits: Kate Gersh

Past recipients include:

2014: Chuck and Carol Schneebeck

2017: Frances Clark and Bernard McHugh

2019: Susan Marsh

Thank you to Meg & Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund for sponsoring this award.