Science Communication: Interpreting Park Service Monitoring Data for Managers and the Public

Research Associates: Allyson Mathis, Tani Hubbard and Patty Valentine-Darby

Project Overview: Creating and developing science communication products for park managers, partners and the public using data from the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program 

Backstory: The National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program gathers and analyzes data from over 280 parks that make up 32 ecoregional networks. Data about particular species, habitats, landscapes, water, air, soil and more make up vital signs, which help show the overall health of an ecosystem. Science communicators work to make this data and other important information accessible and understandable through a variety of mediums like web pages, social media, story maps and other published documents. It is critical to share information with the parks, the public and neighboring communities to create a collaborative decision making process. Publicly available information ensures all invested parties can make informed decisions together. 

Current Status: NRCC currently has three Research Associates who work on science communication with the National Park Service. You can read about their work on the pages below. 

Allyson Mathis

Tani Hubbard

Patty Valentine-Darby