Nancy Bockino

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Research Associate

Nancy Bockino began working as a field ecologist studying bird, lynx, fox, wolves and whitebark pine in the early 1990’s. This love of whitebark pine has grown into two decades of dedicated work in partnership with Grand Teton National Park. The program includes the conservation of seed trees through the use of beetle detergent pheromones, contributions of seed and pollen to a regional genetic restoration program, and extensive monitoring of rust infection, mountain pine beetle activity, and whitebark pine mortality and recruitment. Nancy holds a B.S. in Wildlife Resources from the University of Idaho and an M.S. in Botany from the University of Wyoming. Nancy embodies the heart, soul, and engine of whitebark pine conservation. She keeps close watch over the precious trees traveling the Tetons nearly every day as a whitebark field ecologist, Exum mountain guide and a professional avalanche instructor.